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Where to begin... I would describe myself as determined, loyal, creative, and a New York Yankee fan. When I'm your friend, I'm your friend through good and bad and when I love I love with every fiber of my being. I have been blessed with an amazing daughter, Katrina. She is the reason I have been able to face the darkness and come out the other side. 2007 was a very hard year for me. I went through a tough divorce and was forced to have several surgeries and with the surgeries lost the ability to have carry a child. I survived it all and am now stronger for it. Hopefully years from now I will look back on all I survived and realize that I am a better person for having to rebuild my life. I am now able to truly appreciate love and I have been able to rebuild my relationship with God. I am also a firm believer in karma, so years from now I can't wait to see how things unfold. I just earned my Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from Hill College and will transfer to TSU in the Fall of 2010 to earn my teaching degree and a double major in English. This accomplishment would not have been possible without my amazing support system. I love you my family and friends beyond words!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Your Toy... Pieces of Dawn Poetry

I have kept a journal as far back as I can remember and still continue to do so. I was going through my old journal from junior high and high school and found this poem I wrote on May 3rd, 1993. It was something else going back and reading what I thought was so dramatic when I was that young.
That being said here you go:

Your Toy

At first it was just a crush.

I figured it would be over in a rush.

Then it turned to love.

Something I never knew I could feel.

It was as unique as a baby dove.

As I fell in love, the wall around me started crumbling down.

How was I to know; you were only clowning a round.

You crushed my heart as if it were a fragile toy.

You played with my emotions, just like a typical boy.

Everyone says they expected this;

But it is your love I am going to miss.

You need to grow up and consider my feelings;

But I can’t wait that long;

That’s why I am leaving.

When I am gone it will be too late.

Because you see, the way I am leaving;

Everyone will hate.

People tell me “Your life is worth more than a boy”.

But I can’t simply live with the fact I was just,

Your Toy!


By, Dawn M. Perrone



  1. And yet another side of you that I did NOT realize.....WONDERFUL POEM.....can feel your feelings and I don't like poetry!!! GREAT JOB!!